A Letter from Nuernberg Germany



US CANADA AND ENGLAND                         “Winfield Hall, ”

Glen Cove, Long Island,

                                                       November 24, 1915.

I received the following personal letter from our representative from Nuernberg, Germany:

“Maes-Hotel, Rotterdam, Nov, 9, 1915.

“Dear Mr. Woolworth.

I am here in Rotterdam with my wife. We were married in Leipzig on November 6th. The lady I have known for sometime. She was in Paris and had an institute for young ladies and was doing a very nice business when the war broke out and she had to leave Paris at a few hours’ notice.    I have since had an opportunity to get better acquainted with her and feel sure she will be a good wife and companion to me. When you come to Europe again we shall be glad to have you come and see us. With kind regards

Yours sincerely,

B. F. Hunt,”

“P.S. – Mr. Valentine is due here this evening and I am here with order copies and other evidence which I hope will be sufficient to get the additional permit.”


No doubt most of you will be surprised at above news. Mr. Hunt is known by a good many of our boys. He is over seventy years old and the oldest man (in years) in the business. He has taken care of our Nuernberg business for several years and although seventy or more years old is really only fifty in actions and has tired out many of our young buyers when they accompanied him while hustling for goods in Europe. Of course he feels much younger now since his recent marriage. Mr. Hunt was born in the same County and State I was born in but has lived in Europe ten years or more. We all join in congratulations for the happiness of Mr. and Mrs. Hunt and hope they will live to a ripe old age.

Yours Truly,

(1)                                                                                    F. W. WOOLWORTH.

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